About ForeAider

ForeAider was established in July 2018 by caregivers, doctors and experienced engineers; it is a company whose mission is “being responsible and accountable when helping people, and not being harsh when supporting people”. The founding members used to face many difficulties and emotional conflicts while taking care of the elderlies at home in the past, and even experienced regret and misunderstanding only after the elderlies passed away. However, they realized that people get old, and no one likes to ask for help during old age. Also, many elderlies may not be willing to put on wearable devices even when they go to sleep.

We hope to provide clear care pathways to health care service without changing people’s original living habits. Practicing filial piety should be simpler, and the elderlies deserve to be truly respected. With this belief, we developed an aiding device that is “non-wearable and is applicable for most mattresses” to help caregivers.

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